Thursday, January 05, 2006

Caveat Emptor - a brief explanation of the purpose of this blog

Somewhere around the age of 12, it dawned on me that, having suffered the singular misfortune not to be born to multi-millionaires who could afford to bankroll a single seater career for their clumsy, ill-coordinated not-quite-last to be picked for games son, I was probably never going to be a professional racing driver.

Its taken me a little longer to realise that with a CV that reads "turkey packer/ barman/ fish gutter/ computer programme/ waiter/ middle ranking civil servant" its almost equally unlikely that I'll ever get paid to write about those who are either. Having heard tale of the pay and conditions over at Haymarket, and after reminding myself that ultimately, I would have been working for Michael Hestletine, I can more or less live with that.

So this Blog is essentially intended as an outlet for the frustrated motorsport journalist in me. What it is not intended to be is a source for breaking news stories. There are plenty of places on the web you can go to find out whom its rumoured Kimi Raikkonen will be driving for this week, who Bernie Ecclestone has persuaded to spend billions of pounds of taxpayers money building a white elephant Tilkedrome for Bernie, and the precise brand of balsawood which will be used in the construction of the interim 'Super Aguri F1' chassis. Personally, I recommend: (if you can be bothered with their subscription fee) (grudgingly) (subscription again for the most part)

Instead the idea is that roughly weekly (or as frequently as I find the time, inclination and energy to write) I'll write a vaguely topical article on something motorsports related that has caught my eye. As often as not that will be something about F1, but from time to time I'll doubtless spout ill-informedly on the subject of pretty much anything that involves going as quickly as possible on four wheels.


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